25 MAY, 2018

We are delighted to announce the next edition of India Outbound Summit will take place on 25th May, 2018. The Summit will focus exclusively on the Indian Outbound and decipher trends in outreach that the Outbound has with diverse businesses, NTOs and with governments and airlines, and online players. Together, we will take stock of the Big Picture on the Indian Outbound.

The keynote presentations and panel discussions will attract ambassadors and senior representatives of foreign governments based in Delhi; foreign airlines along with their senior counterparts from back home; leading city planners and promoters from across the globe; NTOs in India sharing trends in the marketplace; and leading outbound products that are gaining traction from across markets in India. We expect over 10 countries to be represented in some form or the other, and another 10 overseas leading tourism products.

Areas of interest include issues that are trending and most critical to Indian tourism and cut across diverse verticals. They are: ‘Countries come Together for Tourism for Peace and Prosperity’, ‘City-based Tourism gathers steam in worldwide markets’, ‘NTOs in overdrive to capture new-age Indian travellers’, ‘5th and 6th Freedoms: India gets connected and how’, ‘What is Selling and how in the Indian marketplace’, ‘Technology and Online provides new Outreach.’, ‘Ease of Travel grows as Indians Go Global’, ‘International Hotel Chains find Steady Growth in Indian Outbound’, and ‘India heads towards becoming a mature marketplace.

The first edition of this summit was held in June 2017 and brought together over 100 professionals in the business and included key stakeholders from the top echelons of tourism industry and governments, Indian and international.

It gives us great pleasure in reaching out to all segments of the business and to seek your participation. We look forward to your strengthening this forum, by sharing your views, endorsing from among partnership options, depending upon your budgets and market priorities. We look forward to welcoming you to this Outbound Summit.

  • Stand Partner - Stand space only. 2 seller badges. 5 invitee badges.
  • Basic Partner - Stand space, logo and speaker slot on panel. 2 seller badges. 5 invitee badges.
  • Prime Partner - Stand space, logo, 15 minutes presentation time. 5 seller badges. 10 invitee badges.
  • Gold Partner - Stand space, logo, 30 minutes presentation time. 10 seller badges. 10 invitee badges.
  • Theme Dinner partner – Stand space, logo, presentation over dinner time. 10 seller badges. 20 invitee badges.

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