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21-23 September, 2017
international travel and tourism
travel and tourism fair in delhi
India Tourism Summit 2017
24th March, New Delhi.
Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi


India Tourism Summit, the first of its kind, brings together a cross section of leading lights in government and industry, creating and sharing emerging perspectives for tourism at the macro national level. This is tourism beyond sightseeing, tourism that embraces a mind-set towards a holistic manifestation of the sum totality of numerous parts that define any given destination. Striking at the very heart of what uniquely that destination, enhancing it for both the local population as well as for the visitor alike.

New Age Tourism is about piggy-backing infrastructure development – where ever you build roads, traveller amenities must follow, and must meet expectations, for instance. Smart Cities, cruise liners docking, river transport – all these must be backed by user infrastructural needs. Developing destinations, economic zones, entertainment centres and industrial parks – whatever, hotels and F&B outlets will be needed. Tourism, in the leisure sense of the word, cannot be far behind. But then all travel, for whatever reason, is tourism, and leisure and group travel is only one vertical within it.

India is on the cusp of numerous changes. With emphasis on digital economy, clean India, infrastructure, we need to capture these nuances for a better creation of pro-tourism economy, driven by visitors across the country. There are numerous efforts towards nurturing new drivers for our economy and society at large, and also on several fresh economic initiatives that will find new avenues for our services sector. And as the economy grows, it is clear it can grow only with simultaneous growth in travel and hospitality services, as essential and critical components of any advanced society.

We also believe that tourism in India needs a new calling card, away from impressions of being elitist activity to being an essential constituent of the economy. Tourism needs a more comprehensive outlook and a more inclusive approach to society. It is no longer just about hotels, airlines and tour operators, but embraces a much wider picture. We understand that future tourism development must include the larger stake holders, the real ones at the ground level (the common people who also contribute) and make it more comprehensive and inclusive.

Our forthcoming Summit is not the usual tourism industry event, in that it seeks to take this subject outside of the confines of the industry, bring a larger cross section of the country, in other walks of our society that tourism embraces, to bring a comprehensive new approach to tourism in India.


Who should participate?

Anybody and everybody who has a stake in tourism! Not just the facilitators and services providers, but also the diverse products that make for the tourism product. Museums, art galleries, governments at the state levels and in the centre, allied industry, all those sectors that touch tourism at various levels. It included hotels tour operators, and the like but also, so many sectors like Ayurveda, Yoga, wellness and spa centres, hospitals, wellness retreats, sports centres, event organizers, cinema professionals. Tourism concerns us all!

Registration Fee: 3800 including applicable taxes per person.

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